4U DC Powered Rackmount Industrial PC Server

    4U DC Powered Rackmount Industrial PC Server
    4U DC Powered Rackmount Industrial PC Server
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    Rugged, Airborne or Shipboard Industrial Computer Systems direct from the original manufacturer! Multiple PCI , PCI-X or PCI express expansion slots upto 20-slots, and 28V or 48VDC or 72 / 110V DC battery P/S (battery not included)


    19" RACKMOUNT Ship board Beowulf cluster industrial computers. Master node, slave node or terminal nodes
    MIL-Std-810F options on available.

    Vibration, Shock, moisture, dust and humidity proof Custom configured Beowulf cluster, High performance RUGGED INDUSTRIAL Single Board Computers (SBC) ,19" Rack Mount INDUSTRIAL COMPUTERS & Workstations for test laboratories and harsh environments subjected to shock, vibration, dust humidity moisture and extreme temperature. 20/14/12/8/6 Slots PCI-express, PCI, ISA & EISA bus backplane. Rugged heavy duty construction. 400 to 750 Watts UL, TUV approved power supplies. Optional - 48VDC or 24VDC power supplies. Black or Pantone Beige color options.

    • Rack mount 15", 17" & 20" heavy duty LCD display monitors.(optional) 

    • Rack mount KVM switches.(optional

    • Rack mount RAID systems.

    • RAID storage up to 180TB

    • Factory Automation

    • Laboratory Test control

    Cepoint's RACK-XXG and Rx series Industrial Systems are used for:

    • Customizable

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